Composite Covers: Light, Corrosion Resistant, Economical

Composite Covers are economic, light and corrosion resistant as it has no maintenance cost …

GRP Composite channel covers or gallery covers; it is only 25 percent of the weight of concrete and metal covers. Thanks to this feature, it makes it possible to easily access to the pits/channel/galleries when necessary. Composite channel covers eliminate the need to use forklifts and / or cranes to remove concrete and metal covers. It can be easily removed by human power with the help of lifting handles. It offers both ergonomic and economical solutions for all electrical, telecom and installation channels/galleries.


Composite (GRP) Covers are Apply and Forget Products

GRP Composite Covers can be produced in standard and custom tailored sizes, desired load classes and color alternatives. Thanks to its maintenance-free, light and durable structure, it stands out as an “apply and forget” product. GRP composite covers are designed to hold heavy loads from equipment and cranes passing over them. GRP Composite covers are resistant to corrosion caused by chemicals, UV rays and sea water.

For example; D400 class (40 tons) load with 50 × 100 cm dimensions CTP Composite cover weighs only 25 kg, E600 class (60 tons) load with 50 x100 cm size CTP Composite cover only 45 kg.